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11 Questions Your Attorney Must Ask

The following 11 questions are crucial to your defense. The reason is, because your attorney has to know the facts of the case in regard to your specific situation. Not all DUI cases are the same. Each has it’s own unique set of facts and specific chain of events.

An experienced DUI attorney will ask you the following questions:

  1. What your itinerary was prior to arrest.
  2. How much alcohol or drugs did you consume prior to arrest. This question must be answered thoroughly including the type of drink, the time you started and when you stopped.
  3. Your observations of the officer.
  4. The officer’s stated reasons for stopping you.
  5. Whether the officer asked or ordered you to take roadside tests.
  6. Your performance on roadside tests.
  7. Statements you made to the officer.
  8. The results of any breath or blood tests.
  9. If there were witnesses to your arrest.
  10. If you were observed for 15 minutes prior to a breath test.
  11. If you requested a blood test, at your own expense, after submitting to a breath test.

If you choose to meet with a private attorney to discuss your case and his or her possible representation, print off this list and bring it with you so that you know if your attorney is asking you the right questions.