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Sarpy County DUI Charges

If you have been charged with a first offense DUI in Sarpy County, Nebraska, then you many not need a Sarpy County DUI Lawyer. Sarpy County offers a pre-trial program called diversion which is an alternative to the traditional Court process. All cases are screened through the Sarpy County Attorney’s Office and, if eligible, are then referred to adult diversion. If you successfully complete the diversion program, the formal DUI charge is dismissed and no conviction appears on your record.

Sarpy County Diversion

The diversion program last eighteen months. You may be eligible if you have been charged with a first time DUI, minor in possession, possession of marijuana and or shoplifting. The diversion office will interview and screen you for substance abuse issues including alcohol upon admission. Based on that screening, they will develop a program of action that may help you with the substance abuse issues including treatment, AA meetings, or education classes. You must complete their assignments within the first six months. After that, you are still considered in the diversion program for another twelve months. However, there are generally no contact with the diversion office during that time. If you are arrested on any charge during the diversion period, then your case may be “redirected” out of diversion back the Court Attorney’s Office where they will refile the original criminal charge.

Sarpy County DUI Lawyer

Diversion is not an option for second offense or greater DUI cases in Sarpy County. If you are charged with anything but a first offense DUI, we are here to help. With over 6,000 cases handled in Nebraska, Petersen Law Office has the experience you need to defend a DUI charge. Call us for a free no obligation consultation at 402-393-8080.